Tuesday, 2 September 2008

I'm still in holiday mood ?

Few days din update lurr
Saturday night I had been forced to go to Sg Wang
For the 51th Merdeka Countdown Celebration
Actually I'm only interested in Evan Yo
I missed the chance to see him last time
He is the talented guy who can play lots of instrument like the violin, piano, guitar

The drizzle was not a deterrent for the fans at all

The fireworks
Nothing much special for me

Many people were crazy spraying around
Something like bubbles but I dunno the exact name

After the celebration

Dirty like hell
Ashamed on you Malaysians !

Overnight at friend's house which is in Setapak

Went to Mid Valley on the next day
At the night
Had my dinner at Asia Cafe with Aiwen, MeiMei and Jason
My dear ex-classmates
We had ordered damn a lot dishes
Chit chat quite a lot in McD

After that went to Lippy's house

Attempted to study
But they taught me how to play CS ><
The following day was a public holiday
So no classes for me
Went to Sg Wang
Sing k again
Back home alone by monorail and ktm
Went to Pyramid with Lippy and Raymond
To buy birthday present for Adrian
But he seemed like didn't like our present very much huh
Hey you are forced to like our present k ? =D
Had my dinner at Sakae Sushi

My dessert

Mixed fruits Shave Ice what what
Couldn't really remember the name
Not bad-nya

Tis is how my 3 days holidays end
Until I am now running out of time to study for my Food Science exam tomorrow !
Damn it
So I just simplify what I had done in these few days lolx
Now I have to nap and study later

And lastly..
Dun EMO too much ~ XD


YienChun said...

walao eh..
you really fully spend your time like holiday..
more enjoy than me huh..?

Evonne said...

bobian >,<
my schedule was so full
onli bak to mentari for sleepin n bathin


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