Wednesday, 27 August 2008

A day without study, as usual O__o

Yesterday was the 2nd last restaurant practical
I were one of the captains
So i had been given the task of using the stupid micro system
To fire the set lunch
As well as the cashiering part
But i had done several mistakes
I know I should learn from my mistakes
But I just hate being wrong
Yea I know I never like it hmm
Or my expectation to myself is too high ?
I could have done better
And hell I will be the next bartender
Why so sui one ? T.T
Lose in paper scissors stone with Wei Jin
My luck is so damn bad huh
Anyway thanks Biak
For helping me to find 4 guests in such a short time
Thanks Lippy and Adrian TOO
For asking me to take MC and ponteng trying to help me to look for guests as well

After restaurant service class
Lippy called me
He ponteng-ed home with a lame reason @@
Asked me to go to Pyramid with him
Of course with Adrian
We went there
To sing-k
It had been a long time since I last sing-ked
I had been singing nonstop for more than 3 hours
Sore throat-ing now
Should get some Honey Lemon lolx

One last thing to tell you all is
* Sing
* Jump
* Scream
* Laugh
Or whatever that a monkey will do
If not you will end up of being too exhausted before you finish singing k
Just like the person monkey below

Good luck to myself for the English presentation later
I need a big luck as I am not well-prepared =X
I wish I can wake up for the 8am class


pyroboy1911 said...

u sing??? =O

Evonne said...

anyting wrong ? lolx

Anonymous said...

finally u got wake up next day for the 8am class? haha~~~ ^^

Evonne said...

yea i did hohoh
but, fell asleep in the class oni ma @.@


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