Wednesday, 9 June 2010

r a i n

Feeling so lazy to get out of my bed
Due to the chilling weather outside
It's so comfy to be in the blanket!
Until I'm so lazy to take my dinner
In fact I'm lazy to think about what to eat for tonight

I LOVE to eat
But I have limited cooking skills T,T
Uhhhh so regret that I din learn properly from her
Now I'm suffered from missing her homecook food badly
Which is so much nicer compared to the mamak and maggie mee
At least I wont die of ajinomoto, MSG or bla bla bla so soon
Now i feel like my life has been shorten LOL

Nothing much to write about
My brain cells are inactive at low temperature at the moment

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Does it look better now?

My blog is back to the basic!
Uhhhh i'm just so sick of the previous one
So i change it back to a simpler blog template now teeheee ~ :)

Not gonna make any complaint in this post
Someone is coming back

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

busy busy degree year

Oh I realized that I'm so unfamiliar with all the blog settings right now

This year is definitely not a good year for me :(
Doing a hospitality degree is not as easy as I thought
Even though there are lesser classes this year
But I'm more stressed compared to before
Drowning under the load of research works
I hope that I can graduate really soon
But I wonder if I can get a job after I have graduated ?
Sigh it's another problem again
Hopefully my 4-month internship can secure a job for me
So that I don't have to worry much about it
I'm currently still thinking about where I should do my internship
The highest possibility should be in Kuching I guess? hehe =p
I'm not gonna do it in KL anymore, definitely not!
I rather go to some deserted areas than having it in KL once again
Due to all the shitty tiring experiences during the last internship
Yea I did complained a lot about it in my blog last time I remember
Especially the long journey from my living place to the training hotel every morning
Argh I don't wanna recall all the bad experiences I had

Gonna back to my work again
That's a little update from me after October 2009 LOL

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Dead or Alive

wondering when i will back to my blog again
or should i juz leave it aside? =x


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