Saturday, 9 August 2008

Awake In The Night

Just back home
Not from clubbing k ?
I NEVER go clubbing before
Please don't doubt me
I got the guai lui face =D
But im not criticizing it
Just now went to Mcd with Lippy, Adrian and Raymond
Why am I always the odd one ? = =
Crapping all the time as usual
And here I announce that the best crapper goes to Adrian
Seriously you deserved it !

After that we went for pool games
First time in my life hohoho
As I had only played online pool games in Yahoo before
Thanks for teaching me with full patience

I know I'm not a good learner =X
And I need to improve the accuracy in aiming and shooting
Hopefully I don't get addicted to this activity later LOL

Just now I had watched the opening ceremony of Beijing Olympic 2008
Through the so-called 40 inch LCD flat screen TV in A-11-26

The fireworks were nice !

I feel super awake now
Should I make myself study for next week's assessments ?
I don't think so =p

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