Tuesday, 12 August 2008


Our college is on fire, tomorrow no class !
W-H-A-T ?
The our college is on fire tomorrow-no-class obviously caught my attention
Fright me one jump
When I saw the message in a blurry sleepy mode LOL
Here are 2 types of reactions:
Student X: OMG how i gonna attend classes tomorrow ? Exam is coming soon lerr =X
Student Y: How nice! No class tomorrow wor ! I can wake up late weeeeeeeeh =p
Okok I admit that I'm the 2nd one
Thanks to the rumormonger - Ah Biak
It was actually a fire on a car in the carpark instead of my beautiful college
That means I still need to go for 8am class tomorrow morning
* disappointed * * sighzz *
But I still able to continue to date with Mr Chow in my dream after this = =

By the way
Congratulations to my bro
Glad to hear that you have been chosen for National Service next year
It's a good experience !
But luckily I had not been chosen last time muahahahha good luck dude


YienChun said...

walao eh.. 就是有你这样的学生,每天希望学校着火。你弟弟那么爱美,竟然被选去国民服务?很惨嘞..

Evonne said...


Anonymous said...

lol uu...o.O yik lun ai mei one ?? o.O

Evonne said...

jeffery, lol u din c him for a long time so u dunno ma


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