Thursday, 21 August 2008

Avril Lavigne is banned ?

Malaysia Bans Avril Lavigne for being too sexy !
WTF ?!
Saying that she would promote the wrong values ahead of Malaysia's independence day
Damn narrow-minded PAS
Although I'm not going ~ LOL
But it's damn ridiculous
Watch this

Malaysia is famous now !
Woohoooooooooooooo ~

How if one day they said JJ is way too SEXY for M'sia ? =X


YienChun said...

I'm "PROUD" to be a Malaysian.
woohooo.. famous dy lor..

Anonymous said...

don angry don angry..

Anonymous said...

Avril is anything but sexy!
This is definitely a wrong move..
All tho im also not going but i'm sorry for the fans!
Such a stupid act by PAS.
Shame on them. BOOO !!!!

Evonne said...

yienchun, i feel so LUCKY to live on tis piece of shit

lailai, very fu yan betul u lolx

jill, i rmb u lik avril ? why u r not going ? PAS is crazy !

pyroboy1911 said...

JJ too sexy? maybe too skinny got la...

Evonne said...

no matter how i wil still luv him blekk =p


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