Tuesday, 19 August 2008

duck, i hate duck !

Couldn't manage to memorize all the steps and ingredients for this menu
I thought I have already put in so much efforts on it huh ?
* frustrated *
Predictably I just can't get what I want
Yea all the time all of my life
I hope I will get kicked out from the kitchen tomorrow
By failing the so-called test
Or get food poisoning tomorrow morning by the time I wake up
Or any other reason else
Damn you Roasted duck breast served with confit its' leg, braised red cabbage, saute asparagus couscous and gastrique sauce
What a long hateful name !
And I think I will become an anti-DUCKer from now on
I mean from this moment
Stop consuming duck meat
Perhaps ? LOL


Anonymous said...

lol.... wah...anti-Ducker~~ very funny la.. but anyway enjoy your life, this also a wonderful experience~ ^.^

Evonne said...

i enjoy my kitchen prac today


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