Tuesday, 5 August 2008


What the heck am i thinking right now ?
I should be sleeping but I'm not
For some reason whatever it is
My mind refuses to go to bed
I'm wondering if you are the reason to be
I had taken 4 hours nap in the noon
Is this explainable ?
I can feel how tired i am but i just can't go to sleep

I'm the ultimate in insomnia
Sleep experts please help the sufferer out !
I'm looking forward for a better night's sleep
I just
hate going through the day tired and groggy because of it


Anonymous said...

long time no visit ur blog le...jiu see u not doing well...hmm...try listening to kevin kern's songs before you sleep try?xD

pyroboy1911 said...

sapa suruh lu sleep for so long in the noon?

Evonne said...

Jeffrey- kevin kern ? who is him ? = =

Brendan- ahahaha, u lurr din tok to me so i slp whole noon mah xD

Anonymous said...

Jeffery la..!!==" try wiki it

Evonne said...

sorry ler
spell ur name wrongly
i hv juz wiki-ed the name
but i dunno who is him haha


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