Saturday, 9 August 2008

Dazed and Confused

Just logged in to the student portal
Found out that selection of specialization form had been posted
Option A ( Marketing & Management ) ?
Option B ( Culinary Arts & Food and Beverage Management ) ?
I don't know which one to choose for my 2nd year right now
Seems like my previous decision was influenced by something else
I'm still figuring this shit out
We were asked to submit this form by next Friday
Nevermind larr =D
I still got my chance to change my decision within 1st 4 days of Year 2

my total absence for all the subjects in this term is still ZERO
A never-skip-class student LOL
Maybe it will be changed soon
Have to remind myself not to skip class all the time
Late for classes maybe still acceptable larr =p

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