Thursday, 22 May 2008

Kitchen Practical

im going to write an English post now
first ever for my blogspot
as i have been forced to do so by some ppl like him and also him
never think of writing in English
cacat English i have T.T

back to the topic
today im the chef du jour
which means chef of the day
naik pangkat a bit lolx
we serve prawn cocktail as starter
and white stew chicken with what pilaf rice
now i dun really remember the menu already after taking a nap in the evening omg = =
the stupid oven is not working on the half way WTH
get scolded by Mr Souji by saying that i did not check it properly
and also the working station is too dirty + messy O.o

not in time to take any photo of them
onli able to snap a photo of the dessert -- fruit pie

a type of short crust pastry
i love the custard sauce
the yellow liquid thingy on the top * yummy *
each of us can have a piece of it
quite a nice one though

after the cooking
i got some comments from the guests in the fine dining restaurant
overall the main courses are nice
prawn cocktails, okay too
only the breads are damn hard
a chainsaw is needed to cut it
instead of the bread knife from the commissary kitchen perhaps =D

tiring day
attempt to go to practice the Opera system for tomorrow's assessment
but both front offices and ICT Labs are occupied by the other classes
hopefully tomorrow will be fine ><


Anonymous said...

Wua.. Yik Wun got so kind ma? Haha..Ei.. This will help u to improve your english leh.. C i so good.. Lol.. Good Luck n All the Best in for improving your english blog.. Haha.. =p

pyroboy1911 said...

ya lo...improve english..although not bad oredi wat

waseh, chef of the day wor...why u need to go back KL so fast...i come back Btu wanna taste ur cooking oso no chance d...

RayMonD said...

walao eh.. cook dao so geng.. cook for me lor.. i nid ppl 2 cook meals for me.. lai lai lai... xD

Evonne said...

dharyl, thx for letting me to improve my english in such a good way = =

lolx i tink ur cooking skills r stil far better than mine XD

i cannot cook well one ba raymond~


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