Sunday, 22 June 2008


No wonder
my laptop is so HOT all the time

speechless when i saw the fans of my notebook cooler
a close look on one of the fans

this is so dirty
* yiakz *


pyroboy1911 said...

get a laptop cooler la...i'm using Cooler Master Notepal Infinite, you can read the review here:

although this one only have 1 fan, the shape inside the cooler allows the air to circulate around the whole surface. not like some laptop cooler, although got 3 fans, but only blow upwards, other areas not cooled.

Evonne said...

then u buy one for me lurr =p

pyroboy1911 said...

u think i am ur hubby kah?

as JJ buy for u la...release so many album, open so many concert, no money to buy cooler meh?

Evonne said...

i tink he wil buy for me SOON xD


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