Saturday, 21 June 2008

Btu Btu Btu =D

it's time to go back home
my dear Bintulu
i have been waiting from April until now
sounds short huh = =
please dun jealous of me
especially Ms. Sim YC

had a freaking crazy chat with someone just now
u know who you are
I will show you the good skills of catching a cockroach with my bare fingers soon
take care !


YienChun said...

walao eh.. I'm very jealous lorr..
I still need to wait until August only can go back.. T^T
help me to tell Btu that i miss him/her..
Help me to eat Btu nice food as many as you can..ahaa..
Anyway,Lai will be coming back soon.hoho~~

Anonymous said...

hahaha i wanna see ur cockroach catching skills


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