Saturday, 14 June 2008

Looking down on Hotel Management students ?

Hotel Management is all about how to..
  • run a hotel

- How stupid, only applicable to those who have rich daddies i think..

  • food and beverages only

- Eat and eat only? Are you sure is there any course out there like this? I would like to be the FIRST to join huh..

  • cook in the kitchen only

- Let’s try if you are interested in preparation of food for 7 hours under the pressure of the chef and also the restaurant

  • open the doors, the cars one as well for the arriving guests and carry the luggages

- Anyone can do this job except the handicapped one and it’s not in the syllabus of our courses

  • tidy up the room, either vaccant or occupied one

- Bed making? You should learn how to pack a trolley first if you don’t know the correct procedures.

  • pick up and answer the phone calls from the guests

- Be sure to answer every single question from the guests..

  • arrange the forks and spoons on the table in the restaurant

- Make sure u can recognise all the cutleries in the picture below before saying this

If you have any similar thoughts as the above-mentioned matters, please join the JULY intake of Diploma or Bachelor of Hotel Management.

For further information, please log on to

Taylor’s awaits for you =}

Thank you!

P/S: This is not an advertising post..a special post for people who don't actually know about this course by assuming it is an easy one


pyroboy1911 said...

run a hotel no need to have rich daddy la...just marry the son or daughter of hotel owner...

Anonymous said...

the last sentence answered my question.

Anonymous said...

i mean the last point

Evonne said...

brendan, tel me where to find? aus there got ah? lolx ~

tzyy, i rmb u r the one who said tis ahahaha

Anonymous said...

what if I tell you I can differentiate those spoons?


the first one is spoon. next is spoon. next again is spoon..
after that.. spoon? Wrong.
where got all names same one.
the next two is called 'bigger spoons'

see? hotel management is so easy to me

Evonne said...

then u definitely get 0 mark for ur 1st assessment
at least find out which 1 is the fish fork 1st !

Anonymous said...

I don't know.

But I only know spoon is made of stainless steel.
And stainless steel consisted austenite, bainite, martensite, cernentile, ledeburite, ferrite, pearlite and spheroidite with a minimum of 10.5wt% chromium content.

Now see how easy is arranging the spoons?

Evonne said...

we r not toking bout the materials ba
n not all spoons are made of stainless steel ma

Anonymous said...

stupid. I telling you what I only know.

So others simple stuffs left them to you.

Evonne said...

simple one oso dunno
dunno who stupid pun O.o

pyroboy1911 said...

walao...i tot why so many oredi 10 comments...rupa rupanya become chat room pula...

Wen, u become les la, then go find Paris Hilton...then give Hilton Adelaide for me to manage...can?

Evonne said...

cheh, i dun wanna b les ba
she's not interested in me oso
u go n court her i tink easier lolx~

pyroboy1911 said...

me arr?


even though its possible, but dun wan la...she is airport de.....

Evonne said...

i dun even noe anyting bout her lolx

Anonymous said...

hmm ... interesting... feel like joining ... hehe

Evonne said...

mu tou ren, continue to b ur pilot la

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