Friday, 6 June 2008

All About Food

Can these photos give a good explanation for the weight gain of 2KGs in 3 days ?


YienChun said...

give me the weight la..
I want~~~

Anonymous said...

ahaha..... i also eat so much but i come home weight hor... still same /gg

pyroboy1911 said...

walao....even i oso dun eat that much wor.....actually i dun eat much la...1 day only eat dinner...

Evonne said...

sei yc, u tot i dun wan mer?

bro, bcoz of u lurr.. bring u around n eat T.T

brendan, trying to maintain ur body ? aha

Anonymous said...

like that jiu gain 3kg le ah?so nice...i try so hard to eat a lot..but i chi bu fei..>< so sien..

Evonne said...



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