Monday, 14 July 2008


the results for term 2 are out
I thought the results will be released on tomorrow
Shocked me just now when saw the messages left by my coursemates in msn ><

Anyway I did better if compared to term 1's
But kinda dissatisfied
As there is still much room for improvement
Mr Patrick Siau please dont fail me in term 3><
I still wanna go for Year 2 aar
By the way i have accidentally found his friendster account lolx


单眼皮男生 said...

hey..ur result not bad la.. u did a good job..

pyroboy1911 said...

u diet kah? why food and beverage get lower compared to others???

Evonne said...

aiks no larr stephen

hmmm fnb not makan makan aja larr, my dear pharmacist


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