Wednesday, 2 July 2008


Im actually expressing my feelings to my dear Mr. CHOCOLATE
Im totally addicted to him !!
The photo was posted to confuse everyone i guess
Dun perasan k ?
Please dun offer me any chocolates again T.T
I have just finished one packet of Hershey's chocolates
Thanks to Madam TKS aka Bee Mummy
It's hard for me to be on diet ( seriously, im not >< )
Dun keep dragging me go yamcha at night aar
Especially those in A-11-26
Strictly no Mcd
No Pizza Hut
Dun call delivery to me again

Okay good im eating while writing this now

1 comment:

MarvinmEnG said...

the heashely's chocolate taste nice..
i like it too...thx mummy..
btw.. wen don like tis wua..
can see others eat one...
lim teh just for fun..
make life nt tat boring..xD


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