Thursday, 31 July 2008

It's a good day to study !

Instead of going back home to sleep after class
I went to the library to study with Lippy and Adrian
It was a good start for me i know lolx

But these guys...


Please larrrrr
Ask me to study together with you people =,=

Half an hour later..
These sleeping BEAUTIES had changed their poses


I know someone is going to call me 贱女人 when he had read this
Too bad this time I have uploaded these photos before you delete them
Huhuhu ~

Please do learn from me k?
I'm a good student =p
* Concentrating *

Oh ya

I think I can just upload an album of different sleeping poses of my friends someday
Since many people kena already
Including my dear housemates
Agree with me, Lai Lai ?

By the way
Went for lunch with Jac'k, Raymond and Tian Xiang today
The lamb shank was good
But I miss Tiramisu the most
Can I have another glass please ? =D


Anonymous said...

IF u dare to upload... u wont sleep well tat nite..
PLS someone help me to delete all the photos in her hp or in her laptop !!!
next time i ask yien chun help me take ur MOST SENGE photo then upload.. haha..

YienChun said...

luckily you don have my sleeping pose.. haha..
Lai's sleeping pose is the BEST i guess..

Evonne said...

u noe i got a photo wit ur 经典的睡姿 in my room

yienchun u close ur door so tight i canot take pun

YienChun said...

because i know you're going to take ma.. hihi..

pyroboy1911 said...

hhmm....wen ah, if remember correctly, i still have ur song MV at Mei's house de video...dunno delete or not...u want to post here as well or not?

Evonne said...

yienchun, nex time i wait u ter-sleep i take lurr

omg, brendan..u stil keep it ? i wil kill u if u upload the video!

pyroboy1911 said...

i dunno i still got it onot in Adelaide to kill???


Evonne said...

nvm i got my own way to kill u
hiak hiak hiak ~
me myself oso dun hv tat video ler


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