Monday, 1 June 2009

Home =)

Oh finally
I'm back to my blog !
Back in Bintulu now !
Hope that I can continue to keep my blog alive
I feel good yeahhh ~
Home sweet home =)
Thanks Tommy for being my dear chauffeur this morning
Sent me to KLIA
Sincerely a big THANK YOU to you here!

Same flight with Liang
But I was alone all the way in the flight
Grabbed the newspapers
But I started to feel sleepy once I settled down
Since I had nobody to talk
So I just simply flipped over the newspapers
Then fell asleep before the plane actually took off
Once again = =

Until they asked me to wake up to serve me the lunch
And I didn't see much improvements on MAS food
Still not so tempting @,@

Except for the Ferrero Rocher I guess?
But I still prefer the dark bitter chocolate =/
So I brought them home for my chocoholic Daddy XD
Didn't finish up the airline food, as usual

I still love the blue blue sky outside

I'm telling a lie
I fell asleep again with my mp3 on after I captured this photo ><

Before landing
One of the air stewards asked me whether I would like to have Orange juice
I said okay to him
Then he gave me these @,@

I refused to take them home at first
" Just take them. I give you only. Just put them into your bag."
Then my reaction was like
"Harrrrrrr.. Oklor.. Thank you ah ~ "
I thought the expiry date is soon
18 July 2009 wor
Still drink-able LOL

As you all know (self-assumed =,=)
Yesterday was my big day!
Nothing much
Celebrated with Zhen
Whose birthday is on the same day with me
We are 20 years old now!
Sang K for around 2 hours
After that I went back home and slept for quite long
Really tired after some fun days
I got 28 SMS for my friends and family
And lots of birthday wishes in MSN and facebook
Thanks ALL ~

My birthday presents from my friends

Junior my long lost housemate
I seriously want to chop you off already
Why you didn't contact us for so long ?!
I was trying to call you up
After receiving the baby Pooh from your friend
But failed =(
You change your number huh ?

And lastly
Birthday pressie from my beloved Daddy
Muacksss ~ ♥♥♥

Byebye to my old phone =X


一个又冷又饿,在啃发霉面包身在newzealand 的男人 said...

LOL...i also wan go bak bintulu la~~~ so, got a new phone, but not pink color lol,wahahah. How come u can took so much orange from mas????? i also wan try next time..

乃者 said... phone... so good.. lolx
nice nice.. hahaha
compare with ur last phone with the new phone quite a big range.. haha
enjoy ur holiday~~ ^^

YoNg LiAng said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
YoNg LiAng said...

waa they giv u whole bag of free drinks oo ??

DABK said...

the motive is veli clear ored...
the air stewards wan to pikat yw...

Evonne said...

new zealand的可怜男人,i oso wan a pink one ah, but sadly dun hv lor.. how u gonna try ? u ask him ? lol

nigel, still not biasa with touchscreen ba now ><

yongliang, who ask u dunwanna sit at the back ? lol

DABK, ur head ah.. he din tok to me pun after tat

小单 said...

哇新电话!!! 我也要新电话!!

Evonne said...


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