Tuesday, 1 June 2010

busy busy degree year

Oh I realized that I'm so unfamiliar with all the blog settings right now

This year is definitely not a good year for me :(
Doing a hospitality degree is not as easy as I thought
Even though there are lesser classes this year
But I'm more stressed compared to before
Drowning under the load of research works
I hope that I can graduate really soon
But I wonder if I can get a job after I have graduated ?
Sigh it's another problem again
Hopefully my 4-month internship can secure a job for me
So that I don't have to worry much about it
I'm currently still thinking about where I should do my internship
The highest possibility should be in Kuching I guess? hehe =p
I'm not gonna do it in KL anymore, definitely not!
I rather go to some deserted areas than having it in KL once again
Due to all the shitty tiring experiences during the last internship
Yea I did complained a lot about it in my blog last time I remember
Especially the long journey from my living place to the training hotel every morning
Argh I don't wanna recall all the bad experiences I had

Gonna back to my work again
That's a little update from me after October 2009 LOL


secret said...

Come Newzealand to do ur internship >.<""

Virion said...

i wish kuching has job for me, though. lol agree with you on the KL thingy I wonder why they make it so complicated, sigh.

Evonne said...

secret, i noe who u r mr kyp!

zhieng, KL is a good place for entertainment but not to live my entire life here. but u hv good artwork dun worry :)


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